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Leeann Dobson has worked in the fields of naturopathy, herbalism and massage since 1983. She spent many years applying neuro feedback with the 'Serenity' machine. Her rich experiences with this led her, through study with Mind Motivations to the Australian Academy of Hypnosis, to become a hypno therapist. She is a registered clinical practitioner of the national Australian Hypnotherapists Association and with the Professional Hypnotists of W.A. Over the years she has expanded her work by developing her own modality which she calls hypno-massage.

Within her professional naturopathy studies, the areas of great interest were iridology and sclerology, with diet and nutrition being a constant focus. Her studies included Chinese facial diagnosis and ortho-spinal practice which helps bring the body into harmony and balance.

Leeann can call upon her solid foundation in herbalism in daily life and professional practice. She is an active member of the national Australian Traditional Medicines Society.

Leeann’s knowledge and experience in aromatherapy established her as a leading aromatherapist in Western Australia, teaching and developing original products. During those years she created many specifically commissioned products for health centres, spas and individuals. The high quality of Herb Cottage essential oils reflects Leeann’s years of study and practical experience.

She walks the talk.

In her earlier years Leeann was a teacher and examiner at tertiary level in massage, covering Swedish, facial, acupressure and deep tissue. In addition she studied and applied Body Electronics witnessing miracles of regeneration in the human body.

She was a foundation partner in a retail and wholesale cooperative, Herb Circle, Kalamunda.

In 2001 Leeann became a Reiki Master. Around this time she learned and still enjoys Chi Kung and T’ai Chi. She practises and encourages meditation on a daily basis.

Leeann Dobson Herb Cottage Natural Therapies Clinic

For more information please email: leeannd@iinet.net.au

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